Celtic Hosting delivers a low-cost, enterprise cloud infrastructure as a platform for secure, compliant IT services and applications.

We are focussed on empowering small business in leveraging cloud technology to reduce costs, increase productivity and drive efficiency. Why chose us over in-house IT, another hosting provider or colocation?

Enterprise Infrastructure

  • The Celtic Hosting cloud platform is built on a massively redundant architecture. With no single point of failure, multiple clustered enterprise SANs and high end rack mount servers from HP, we have leveraged our know how in delivering a platform designed to scale and grow while maintaining industry leading uptimes. With HP DL380G6 servers and NetApp Storage Arrays, we don't scrimp on cheap servers or low speed storage. Enterprise servers and Fiber channel storage guarantee performance and reliability. This configuration allows a truly self-healing architecture to be maintained with individual server issues not causing downtime for customers.
  • A fully redundant multi-gigabit network links all nodes and SANS providing blisteringly fast network throughput, storage access and internet access with uplinks to major Tier 1 carriers and exchange points, including INEX in Ireland and LINX in London via our upstream providers.
  • Two world class data centres, both based in Dublin, house our infrastructure, ensuring local data storage and compliance, as well as excellent access from both Europe and the USA.
  • Leveraging the enterprise Xen platform, we provide true virtualisation in our cloud.

Data Protection & Compliance

As a privately held, entirely Irish owned company, Celtic Hosting is not subject to the Patriot acts or other US or UK based privacy legislation.

We provide services that are registered with the Irish Data Protection Commission and compliant with PCI standards, as well as business compliance to SOX or better standards.

Our Control Panel

The heart of our offering, our comprehensive, powerful but easy to use control panels allow us to offer all this at amazing prices. With complete control over your cloud solution at your finger tips, cloud is no longer 'mysterious' or complex, and is just as easy to use as checking your email!

Take a tour now, or call us to take a walk through!

Our Story

Celtic Hosting was founded with the passionate belief that Cloud technologies and infrastructure was the future of all hosted services and Cloud IT in particular the future of all IT services currently living in small business offices.

Coming online in the beginning of 2009, we have worked to deliver on our mission of low cost, simple to use, transparently priced infrastructure and services to small business, powered by our enterprise cloud platform.

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